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Baptism Certificate Repair

Baptism Certificate original form before restoration, flattening, cleaning, mending and deacidification. As of this post tape from the back has been removed, it’s been rehydrated and flattened between blotting paper weighted with heavy glass sheets. Tomorrow I will mend it … Continue reading

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1818 Psalms & Sacred Musick Completed

An early 19th century binding is mended and ready for use. Continue reading

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Nuther Family Bible

An old Family Bible in for restoration. Continue reading

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Saving The Family Bible

The Family Bible is typically 12 x10 by 4 inches. The Bible was most likely published between 1840 and 1900. In the beginning of this Family Bible period the covers were flat with little embossment if any. Later Family Bibles … Continue reading

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Unrolling an Old Wedding Certificate

An old embrittled document can be rehydrated and opened with this technique. Caution should be rule number one. At no time allow contact with the water and work slowly and methodically. Continue reading

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