Family Bible

A Family Bible is a Bible handed down through a family, with each successive generation recording information about the family’s history inside. Typically, this consists of births, deaths, baptisms, confirmations and marriages. Also other items, such as letters, newspaper cuttings and photographs, may be inside the Family Bible.

A Family Bible over one hundred years old is likely to have detached covers, pages and the leather may be powdery and dry. In this condition it is best to contain the pieces and send the Family Bible to Max Marbles for restoration.

Here are some of the things we do in restoring your Family Bible:

  • Disassemble the book
  • Mend pages and sew them back into the book
  • Rebuild the spine with acid free adhesives, paper and linen
  • Give special care to any pages with writing
  • Deacidify dedication, title page and family records
  • Mend covers, especially corners and areas of loss
  • Attach covers to book and back in new archival leather
  • Reattach original leather spine to new (maintains fidelity of original)
  • Recondition old leather (makes the old gold really shine)
  • Oil and wax book to a lustrous finish

In 32 years we have restored thousands of Family Bibles. By having your Family Bible restored properly with the best materials and techniques, you will be preserving this precious family heirloom for many generations. Don’t be fooled by quick, cheap bookbinders using bad materials. When you choose Max Marbles you are assured of the highest standards in restoring your Family Bible. Call to get the process going.

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Now what do I do?

Box and ship your Bible to the bindery. Include your name, address, telephone and email on a slip of paper with the Bible. You can box the Bible by yourself or use a convenient pack and ship business in your neighborhood. Here’s where to send the Bible:

Max Marbles/Bookbinder
1313 Mill St. SE
Salem, OR 97301

We will contact you with an approximate time frame of when your Bible will be restored and ready to ship back. (usually about three weeks)

If you have any questions call Max at (503) 383-1857.