Disaster Recovery

Art Disaster Recovery – What to do after a fire or flood

When it comes to saving artwork damaged by fire, soot or flood, time is the enemy. Immediately call Max Marbles  and you will be provided with advice and critical services. Having specific instructions from Max Marbles will help save as much of the collection as possible. Also, Max Marbles will assist you in moving the effected work to a safe environment where no further damage can take place. Max Marbles will then work with you and the insurance company to come up with a plan to clean and restore the collection.

List of Services

Max Marbles will clean, flatten, mend, and restore flat works of art on paper especially:

  • Documents on paper or vellum
  • Pencil drawings
  • Watercolors
  • Colored prints
  • Assorted modern media prints

Max Marbles offers:

  • Cleaning of oil paintings and their frames
  • Insurance estimates for restoration and assessed value
  • Digital documentation with quality photos
  • Collection of work in an area within a reasonable distance
  • Updates and deadlines you can trust

Shipping Artwork

When you call we can determine the most prudent method for shipping the work to Max Marbles. Frequently, we use Fed Ex and UPS. For larger pieces we can coordinate a common carrier. Again we can pickup the work, please call now.

Disaster Recovery Art Resource PDF