“I wanted you to know how pleased my family and I was when we received our much-anticipated Bible. We had hoped you could restore it, but felt it was in such bad shape that we were doubtful at what could be done. We are so pleased with the results that I am enclosing a second Bible to be restored.”

Albany, Georgia

“I am very sorry to have sent you such a mess to restore. You have done far more with it than I ever imagined you could. We will carry out your instructions for storage.”

Charleston, West Virginia

” Thank you for the great job of preserving the crumbling, fragile Family Record pages. Now we can look at those pages without their edges breaking. Future generations will also be able to see those pages.”

Fort Scott, Kansas

“Yesterday, the 21 of February, I received the Bible that you had restored for me, and I can’t say “Thank You” enough for the beautiful job of restoration that you did on the book. I had been wondering how it would look because the binding had been so badly damaged. I am hoping that my Bible will last another 50-60 or more years so that I can pass it on to the younger members of the family. I also appreciate the suggestions that you also included to insure a long life for my Bible.”

Denver, Colorado

“I was pleasantly surprised and very, Very pleased with the job you did on my family Bible. I never thought it would turn out so well. You certainly outdid yourself and are a true craftsman.”

Mrs. Thomas E.,
Elkhart, Indiana

“We received our bible back today and were just tickled to death with it. When my husband suggested having it restored I really thought it was a waste of money, but since you did such a fine job on it I”m not a bit sorry.”

New Orleans, Louisianna

“Thank you very much for restoring our Akin Family Bible. It will be left out on display for all our family to enjoy.”

R. Larry,
Exeter, New Hampshire

“We have recently received our family Bible and are very pleased with the way it looks. The restoration is excellent and we are very proud ot it. The material and techniques you used certainly did enhance the restoration. I am sure if the family cares for it as we should, the Bible will be around for many years.”

Eufaula, Alabama

“My copies of Bancroft arrived safely this morning. A very nice restoration. They occupy a special place in my library. Many thanks for your service. I shall be looking over candidates for your consideration in the future.”

C. Melvin,
Woodburn, Oregon

“The Bible arrived in very good condition. I didn’t know what to expect so was very pleased & happy with your work. Now I am trying to decide where to display this Bible as it is too lovely to put away in a cupboard. Thank you as I know restoring something old is really an art and your work shows a lot of love and talent.”

Ashland, North Carolina