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Protected: Westy Pictures 1983 Air-cooled “Pumpkin”

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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1922 Iowa Baseball Team Photograph

This twenties photograph needs a little help. Since this “before” shot I have taken it out of the frame and scanned it at 600 dpi. Originally being pretty sharp the scan when blown up on a large monitor allows you … Continue reading

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Small Bible Rebound

This little Bible has just gotten worn out. The spine is an embrittled hide glue mess. After this picture was taken, I took the binding apart,  made page repairs, sweated off the old glued spine and then locked it in … Continue reading

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Baptism Certificate Repair

Baptism Certificate original form before restoration, flattening, cleaning, mending and deacidification. As of this post tape from the back has been removed, it’s been rehydrated and flattened between blotting paper weighted with heavy glass sheets. Tomorrow I will mend it … Continue reading

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Kewpie Doll c. 1912

Kewpie doll with hurt arm and real dirty. Loved the add-on dress. There’s something about porcelain bisque firing, color and surface sheen that makes these so appealing. It a fun time when a client brings in something different like this. … Continue reading

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